Chinese Language Day
Chinese is one of the six official languages of United Nations. In order to pay tribute to Cangjie who created Chinese characters, the United Nations has selected Guyu, one of 24 solar terms in Lunar calendar, as the "Chinese Language Day". We are honored to celebrate the 11th Chinese Language Day on April 19th, 2020. Since the epidemic of COVID-19 has been ranging all over the world and become a challenge faced by all, the "Chinese Plus" will host an online campaign to celebrate this year's "Chinese Language Day" by collecting and showcasing creative videos of Chinese language education. This online campaign aims to encourage all Chinese learners across the world to support each other, carry on learning, and overcome the current crisis.
中外教育工作者、艺术工作者等各界人士为 “中文日”线上活动纷纷送上寄语。
International educators, scholars, artists and experts of various disciplines have sent their messages for the “Chinese Language Day” online event.
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程苏东:流动的汉字 ——从诗词看文明的交融
Cheng Sudong:
The Moveable Chinese Characters - Understand Inter-Civilization  Communication from Poetry
2020.4.19 17:00-17:40
Creative Video of Chinese Poetry
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Mao Yue:
Chinese Conversation Demo Lesson
2020.4.19 10:00-10:40
Creative Video of Chinese Language Teaching Tips
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Creative Video of Chinese Characters
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